Electrical Systems Engineering (ESE) specialises in custom control solutions servicing mining, and agriculture throughout Australia.



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Automation, Pumping and Control Solutions

Electrical Systems Engineering provide smart hardware and software solutions for:

  • Renewable energy systems
  • Mining and agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • Water treatment and distribution,
  • Wastewater reticulation and treatment
  • Electrical power transmission and distribution

With custom pumping and control solutions, we’re automating Australia’s most fundamental operations, resulting in a sustainable and effective economy for all citizens. We help businesses of all sizes use resources efficiently and contribute to a cleaner environment.

As dedicated process control and automation engineers, we ensure all the automation processes of your business come together so that you can operate profitably, safely and reliably.
Our team are problem solvers who conceptualise, designs, constructs and commissions the complete control package to your exact production and supply needs.

We’re specialist providers of the following in Perth:

Solar Water Pumps

We specialise in providing solar water pump solutions that can be utilised across industries and in your home. Our pumps can be tailored and customised to suit your needs using photovoltaic panels. Not only are they easy to install and maintain, but are also simple to relocate, if need be. Find out more about the solar water pumps we offer by calling us today.

Industrial Process Automation

By using SCADA software and hardware solutions, our industrial operations both meet and exceed their desired efficiency criteria. SCADA is easily integrated with existing PLC and automation systems, allowing for monitoring operational behaviour and faults of all your motors and pump systems. Find out more about the SCADA control system directly from a trained professional on (08) 9302 2932.

Building and HVAC Controls Automation

Commercial and institutional construction has seen significant advances due to the automation of critical operations that, until today, used much more energy than was required. With the ability to be installed in practically any HVAC control system, variable frequency drives (VFDs) can optimise energy consumption during periods of low demand.

Mining Process Automation and Pumping Solutions

With a specialist understanding the internal complexities of mining, we can design a system that integrates any number of subsystems such as reticulation, environmental monitoring and asset tracking. The process includes a wide selection of variable speed drives for conveyors, slurry and tailing pumps, rod and ball mills, rock crushers, SO2 and air compressors and HVAC systems.

Agricultural Process and Irrigation Automation

With the option of turnkey hardware and software solutions for your automation backbone, ESE can help you implement a variety of agricultural processes that include humidity and flow rate measurements, telemetry tags and sensors, variable speed drives, actuators for motor and pump control, and modular PLC controllers that replace meters of wiring and manual switches.

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We are an active contributor to Australia’s ongoing industry and infrastructure development. We promise to handle every consultation with the same dedication and attention to detail, striving for excellence in every endeavour.

Speak to someone from our team now on (08) 9302 2932 or get in touch via our online contact form to find out about our solar water pumps and the numerous other solutions we have on offer.

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