Renewable Energy Solution

Solar power offers many benefits that are sustainable and better for our natural environment. However, while some are still in awe of the clean energy it produces, others are in the pursuit of even higher levels of efficiency within an already sophisticated product.

Renewable Electrical Systems Engineering implements fully automated systems that completes everything from storage to distribution – all without the help of human interaction. Whether you’re looking to provide a small town with electricity or run a large-scale irrigation pump, automatic control will keep things running year-round with extreme precision.

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Solar PV Diesel Power Systems

Generating power is a crucial step in ensuring full control of your intended operations, not to mention the benefits of having an emergency backup. A hybrid solar system stores electricity generated by both diesel generators and photovoltaic cells in batteries. These innovative, resilient systems can power up small towns, rural areas, farms and mines with great effectivity, with its versatility and scalability making, it is ideal for facilities in urban and residential environments where spaces may be at a premium.

Solar Pumps

The sun’s energy can be used for a variety of pump applications that include watering for livestock, crop irrigation, industrial water supply, and even residential and public swimming pool applications. When automated, water pumping becomes fully independent and self-sufficient. We can help you with drinking water extraction, daily water applications, tank storage, deep borehole extraction, land and farm irrigation, roundabout and garden irrigation and remote storage pumping.

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Electrical Systems Engineering designs, builds and installs turnkey solar power and pump solutions throughout Australia. With a reputation as one of the country’s best custom, automated engineering solutions providers, we’re helping numerous businesses optimise their daily operations.

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