ESE is well regarded for our large range of pump controllers that we engineer and design to suit our customers’ needs. Our pump controllers are built using the INVT frequency drives, PLCs and HMIs that are proven to perform under harsh and demanding conditions throughout Australia. This makes the overall controller not only reliable – but packaged to be simple, providing ease of operation for the end user.

We can provide constant pressure or constant flow pump systems and provide all programming, integration and commissioning to ensure the system perform as required. We provide touch screen LCD HMI’s as standard to all our pump controllers with a simple user interface. We configure all our controllers to show ‘Actual Pressure’ and ‘Set Pressure’ display and provide a simple interface where the user can set their pumping requirement and know that the controller will deliver.

We use field pressure and flow transmitters providing analogue measurement to our PLC, thus ensuring a complete closed loop feedback system. We can also provide a manual control option, should the user be required to start the system manually and call in selected pumps.

With our pump controllers, there is nothing else to be concerned with; PID loops are pre-programmed, the PLC customised to the end user requirements and once constructed, commissioned onsite by our engineers and technicians. The ESE pump control system is now set up and ready to go!

Our systems also include a ‘sleep’ and ‘wake’ function so the controllers will hibernate when the requirement for water is zero and then wake up when the water is required. This is all included in the PLC software and communicated directly to the inverter.


ESE offer SCADA remote monitoring and telemetry for our control systems. This can be achieved over many mediums such as radio, ethernet, serial, fibre optics or even satellite. Please contact us for more information on our remote monitoring applications.


As a supplier of major pumping brands, ESE offers extremely competitive watering and dewatering solutions. We offer turnkey products whereby we supply, design and fabricate pump skids with VSD control. With each skid coupled with our easy to use Touch screen HMI control system with remote monitoring functionality, ESE truly are ‘fit for purpose with value for money’ solution providers.


Remote power solutions would typically involve modern renewable technology such as solar and battery combined with back up diesel or gas generation. We can now offer completely islanded and renewable solutions whereby there is enough renewable energy in order to provide power 24/7 without the use of traditional diesel or gas backup generation. Calculations are performed in house, in order to determine efficiency and return on investment whilst taking into account the operational and logistical cost and constraint in such remote areas. Please contact ESE for a friendly chat if you are looking for cost effective remote power solutions.


Renewable energy systems are becoming the new normal when it comes to providing reliable energy. Here at ESE, we provide energy solutions tailored to our client requirements. Our custom designs include the use of modular and scalable modern technologies such as solar and battery. Our point of difference is the way we can offer a bespoke system, whether there is a requirement to operate completely islanded or with paralleled grid connectivity. In some instances, the local power authority will limit or constrain export or import of energy between the customer and retailer, thus facing our customers with a challenging problem to solve. Thanks to ESE’s out-of-the box thinking, we are able to design and implement a unique solution to overcome such constraints.

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