Commercial Automation

Stay ahead of your competition with Electrical Systems Engineering as your expert automation partner. We enable connected factories, vessels, transport and power generation systems in Australia.

Our area of expertise include:

  • The automation and monitoring of complex manufacturing processes
  • Setting up analytics dashboards and human-machine interfaces
  • Inventory Tracking Systems
  • Safety Monitoring Systems
  • Pump and Reticulation control

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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation revolutionises existing procedures that manufacturing has relied on for decades to gain tighter process control over conveyors, winders, pressure, flow, and temperature.

Acting as a protection measure to the motor, automated control allows manufacturers to maintain safe operating limits, as well as reduce wear and tear and the need for valves and other mechanical components. Implementing timely and predictive maintenance reduces the risk of downtime while simultaneously optimising large-scale operations.

Furthermore, industrial automation technology enables soft starting and control of production volumes – accommodating staff availability and other external factors.

Building Automation

When it comes to commercial and institutional building, variable speed drives can be installed in practically any HVAC control system, reducing energy consumption during low demand and off-peak conditions. This also accommodates future loads according to how the structure will be used. As with any optimal automation, motor energy can be controlled to lower energy use and minimise wear and tear, as well as early failures due to human error.

Pressure Boosting Systems

Where varying water or chemical flow is required, a pressure boosting system controls the extent of internal force. It can also be used to control a large number of pumps that are running parallel and working in cohesion.

Variable Frequency Drives

Variable speed winch control can be integrated with the motor and controlled using a specialised winch control program. This allows operations to use fewer motor encoders and load cell sensors, as well as eliminates hydraulic oil leaks and other associated hazards.

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SCADA Software

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) allows personnel to view process parameters via the internet or other custom-built control panels. With regards to pump systems and motors, SCADA enables the monitoring and analysis of operational behaviour and faults, also generating SMS alerts and emails in real-time. This includes capturing data from pressure transmitters, flow meters, vibration, bearing sensors and energy meters. The result manifests predetermined downtime and production volumes for existing PLC and automation systems.

WA’s Electrical Systems Engineering

ESE designs and installs custom automation systems that monitor and control mission-critical infrastructure in mining, manufacturing, water treatment and distribution wastewater reticulation, and electrical power transmission and distribution.

We supply everything from software to motors, pumps, variable drives and telemetry tags, offering access to a complete, turnkey system.

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