Mining Control and Automation

Improve the performance and production quality of your agricultural business with farm control and automation

With the world’s population growing more rapidly each year, our number one challenge remains the production of food. We now know that the UN Food and Agricultural Organisation predicts that we need to boost worldwide food production by at least 70% over the next few decades to feed the anticipated population by 2050. While this may sound daunting, every challenge provides a new opportunity.

Electrical Systems Engineering integrates advanced technologies into existing agriculture activities with the intention of increasing production efficiency as well as the quality of products. Automated systems also improve the quality of life for farmworkers by eliminating heavy labour and demanding processes.

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Automated Irrigation

Predetermined irrigation uses software, controllers, and drives to operate irrigation structures with different water flows. These systems also allow farmers to stop and start irrigation through supply channel outlets and redirect the flow of water from one area to another.

The farmer benefits in many ways from an automatic irrigation system:

  • Irrigation only when needed
  • Remote monitoring and control from a desktop, control panel, or mobile device
  • Reduced runoff of water and nutrients
  • Reduced need for vehicles and operational costs
  • Automated irrigation at night to achieve optimum flow rate without disrupting sleep

Single Phase High Voltage VSD

Single Wire Earth Return (SWER) lines are ideally suited for supplying electric power to remote, sparsely populated areas in Australia, including some of the lowest customer density networks in the world. SWER is an excellent solution for large farms that require power in the furthest corners of land that was, up until now, unreachable.

SCADA for Farm Automation

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) is a software system that gathers data from industrial devices before archiving the information, providing data visualisation, alarms and other functions. They are also used to control the devices they connect to, allowing for automated irrigation. Farmers can also monitor soil moisture, temperature and other conditions and act on it remotely.

Custom Solutions from ESE

Electrical Systems Engineering is a world leader when it comes to custom automated solutions, giving Western Australia access to a multitude of sophisticated systems applicable to more than one industry. With specialist knowledge on smart, automated farming practices, we’ll ensure all your machinery operates successfully on its own for extended periods.

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