Automated pump control solutions

Automated pump control solutions for a wide range of industries.

We provide automated pump control solutions for a wide range of applications in agriculture, residential and commercial irrigation, livestock farming, mining, and manufacturing.

Consisting of a motor, frequency inverter, and a separate microcomputer for open and closed-loop control, integrated drive pumps provide intelligent, multi-pump management, as well as protection and fault diagnosis functions – all while being decentralised.

Below is a list of protective functions accessible when utilising an automated pump control system:

  • Soft starting
  • Avoiding “no flow” or “shut-off” conditions
  • Protection against dry-running due to a motor that has stopped because of power-speed ratios falling below a predetermined value
  • Warnings against minimum flow and tripping associated with suboptimal flow rates
  • Best Efficiency Point (BEP) calculation
  • An inertia-secure start function that allows one to loosen a blocked shaft with alternating torque
  • Automatic initiation of cleaning sequences that dislodge any material that is clogged
  • Stage-on and stage-off functions for differentiating load conditions in multiple pump installations

Mining Applications

When applied to general mining operations, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), allows processes to maintain their integrity, as well as analyse information for better decision-making and identify problems that could result in costly downtime.

Other than saving on energy consumption and providing easy control for safety and production measures, SCADA can be used to streamline the following applications:

  • Underground PLC and fibre optic
  • Local underground control panels and remote-control room operations
  • The starting and stopping of an underground pumping station

Variable Speed Water Pumps

As the world becomes more conscious of energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, variable speed drives are forming a part of large water pump systems to control and measure the operating pressure of the pump.

With the variable frequency converter set to a certain level, the outlet pressure of the pump is kept constant no matter the required flow. This is extremely useful in a variety of pumping applications implemented by multiple industries, but most importantly contributes to an inevitable movement towards clean energy.

Franklin Electric

Franklin Electric is a global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of water and fuel movement systems, producing high-quality pumps, motors, drives and control units for residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial and municipal use. Find out more about the range of products stocked by ESE.

Ebara Pumps

Designing and building industry-grade pumps and related water solutions for wastewater, commercial, municipal and power industries, Ebara Pumps are used successfully around the world. With the recognition of the continued strain on water and wastewater facilities and infrastructure, this is a company that strives to deploy the best pump technology on the market.

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