Solar Water Pumps

Reduce your carbon footprint by investing in solar water pumps.

With the world moving towards a more sustainable future, customers across industries are investing in more environmentally-friendly means of doing business.

ESE offers various solar water pumps to assist you in your environmental efforts without having to overhaul your processes completely. Our water pumps are electrically-driven and powered by photovoltaic panels.

Find out more about the solutions we provide and how they can integrate into your business or home, below.

Solar Water Pump Irrigation, Done by the Specialists

We assist clients across industries with environmentally-friendly solutions that suit their business and budget. Our photovoltaic panels are equipped with solar trackers that align it with the direction of the sun, generating as much energy as possible. Additionally, we also offer hybrid solar generator systems for cooler days and consistent pump operation.

As for boreholes and wells in the agricultural industry, ESE can configure customised systems with submersible pumps that are ideal for the numerous remote areas across Australia.

Areas in which our solar water pumps add value include:

  • Water for livestock and crop irrigation
  • Pump stations on farms
  • Drinking and cooking water supply
  • Garden irrigation
  • Commercial landscape irrigation, such as golf courses
  • The Benefits of ESE’s Solar Water Pumps

Aside from the significant and positive impact that investing in solar water pump irrigation can have on the environment, there are many other benefits of installing solar water pumps in your home, business, or farm, including:

  • Cost-effective operation
  • Easy set-up and relocation
  • Low maintenance
  • They work best when they’re needed most – in hot and sunny conditions

What Else Does ESE Offer?

ESE provides solar-powered pool pump systems include a complete system with pump control stations and control panels. Additionally, we can design solutions that can filter all pools, from small to large. Our bespoke solutions also include products that cater to:

  • Agricultural irrigation
  • Commercial landscaping
  • Solar-powered mining dewatering
  • Water transfer applications

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We’ve been in the industry for many years providing proudly Australian business with bespoke pumping solutions.

Our staff are both incredibly friendly and knowledgeable and will stop at nothing to offer you what you need to reduce your carbon footprint.

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