Automation Solutions available in Australia

Electrical Systems Engineering is cementing its status as being the go-to automation professionals in the custom pumping and control systems industry.

There is no doubt that in Australia’s agricultural and mining industries the automation of processes ensures an increase in overall production, which is essential for the GDP.

ESE specialises in the following automated utility systems: programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and human machine interfaces (HMIs) to help you to increase your output without compromising on quality and industry safety requirements – and at the same time, decrease cost and be eco-friendly. The best method to achieve this is with a PLC. See our automation services.

Renewable Energy

As the world moves closer to renewable sources of energy, solar power continues to offer numerous benefits that are sustainable and better for our natural environment. But while some are still in awe of the clean energy it produces, others are on the pursuit of even higher levels of efficiency within in already-sophisticated product.

Mining Control and Automation

With Australia’s economy lying firmly in the hands of a healthy mining sector, it is imperative for mining companies to optimise on internal operations with appropriate automated controls. This will not only benefit the operational manager and onsite staff but the industry as a whole.

Industrial, Marine and Commercial Automation

Many industries around the world now realise the benefits of automation, with Australia’s industrial, commercial, and marine sectors not far behind. At ESE, we believe in taking the necessary steps to place our country’s industries ahead of competing nations, with the aim of continuously challenging the status quo.

Agricultural Automation

Automated farming involves the integration of advanced technologies into existing agriculture activities with the intention of increasing production efficiency as well as the quality of its products. On top of this, automated systems improve the quality of life for farm workers by eliminating heavy labour and demanding processes.

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