CHE 100 Series Sensorless Vector Control Inverter

CHE100 Series Open-Loop Vector Control Inverter uses the DSP control system to provide sensorless vector control, which has significant advantages compared with V/f control. The CHE100 Series best serves OEM clients at the middle and high end of the market and support fans and pumps with specific requirements. The inverter’s flexible design has sensorless vector control (SVC) and V/F control installed in one unit. It is widely used in applications that require high-speed control accuracy, rapid torque response, and high performance at low frequencies.

  • 1AC 220V + 15% 0.4-22kW
  • 3AC 220V + 15% 0.7-55kW
  • 3AC 380V + 15% 0.75-630kW

Technical Features:

  • Three control modes: without PG vector (SVC), V/f control, and torque control.
  • Start-up torque: Sensorless vector control 0.5Hz/150% (SVC).
  • Built-in breaking unit: Brake resistance can be directly connected when rapid stops are required.
  • Eight-step speed control, PID control, and traverse control.
  • Offering four multi-functional digital inputs, two analog inputs, one relay output, one analog output, and one open-collector output.
  • Automatic voltage regulation: When grid voltage is variable, this function automatically maintains a stable voltage output.
  • Offering RS485 serial communication interface and a standard Modbus communication agreement.
  • Optional LED or LCD external keypad for convenient and quick operation.


  • Textiles, Plastics, Ceramics, Electronics, Numerical Controls, Foods Processing, Light Industry, And Pharmaceuticals.
CHE 100 Series Sensorless Vector Control Inverter


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