CHV100 Series High Performance Vector Control Inverter

Completely new hardware design: the CHV100 Series Inverter uses the ARM (32-bit) + DSP (16-bit) double CPU system control plan, leading the way in vector control with a brand-new hardware control platform. It provides high performance with PG vector control (VC), without PG vector control (SVC), and torque control (TC). The CHV100 Series Inverter provides an open-style secondary development platform and a specially-designed function expansion card to optimize industrial resolution plans. Users are able to easily realize the functions of special industrial inverters just by configuring the function expansion.

  • 3AC 220V + 15% 1.5-55kW
  • 3AC 380V + 15% 1.5-630kW
  • 3AC 1000V + 10%-15% 45-1200kW

Technical Features:

  • Three speed control modes: without PG vcector control (SVC), with PG vector control (VC), and V/F control method.
  • Achieving 180% low-frequency torque output, with torque control precision + 0.5% (VC).
  • With PG vector control, the speed precision reaches +0.1%, offering a 1:1000 speed control range.
  • 18.5-90kW inverter build-in DC rector, increasing the overall effiency and stability of the machinery and effectively eliminating the influence of high degree harmonics on the inverter and decreasing surrounding interference.
  • Internal brake unit with inverters 0.75-15kW, so that the braking resiter can be connected firectly for a quick stop.
  • Rich expansion cards give rise to industrial resolution program: injection molding card, water card, IO expansion card, communication card, and PG card.
  • 16-steps simple PLC, multi-speed control, and PID control, traverse control.
  • Providing multi-functional 10 channels digital input, 4 channels analog input, 3 channels relay output, and 2 channels analog output.
  • Speed trace function allows rotating machinery to be started smoothly and without any shocks.
  • Optional LED/LCD keypad for quick and convient operation; the LCD keypad allows users to quickly copy parameters and conduct convient debugging.


  • ¬†Plastic and chemical fiber extrusion equipment.
  • Metal processing machinery; lathe, milling machine, planing machine, and grinding machine.
  • Building materials: cement, glass primary drive equipment.
  • Rubber machinery.
  • Wire and cable extrusion equipment.
  • Musical fountain.


  • Belt Conveyers, Scraper COnveyers, Coal Feeder Machinery, Fans, Water Pumps, Engine Oil Pumps, And Oilfield Electrical Submersible Pumps.
CHV100 Series High Performance Vector Control Inverter


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