GD 5000 Range

The INVT medium to high voltage range of products includes the GD5000 range of variable speed drives. The GD5000 is a new generation of MV/HV variable frequency control system adopting advanced high performance speed, sensor-less vector control modes. It features precision control, quick dynamic response, large frequency torque and dual braking. Its compact structure improves installation locations and its operating interface makes it more suitable for on-site applications.

The GD5000 can operate on 3.3kV, 6.6kV or 11kV supplies making it suitable for mining applications, water utilities, and large processing or manufacturing industries. It can be easily configured to operate on either open loop vector control or space vector pulse width modulation control as well as for synchronous or asynchronous motors.

The GD5000 can operate in master-slave control whereby allowing multiple motors to drive the same conveyer or device ensuring precise speed and torque control. All GD5000 series inverters feature the ability to drive multiple motors reducing the requirement

of onsite equipment.

The applications for mining conveyers extends past maintenance and energy consumption benefits:

  • Soft starting of the belt conveyer
  • Lower belt tension
  • Power balance of multiple motors
  • Stable start at heavy loads
  • Automatic speed regulation

The GD5000 can be sized up to 4.2MVA making it suitable for the largest onsite applications.

GD 5000 Range


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