The GD series of inverters is based on optimised Variable frequency control, offering high performance and reliable operation.

The inverters achieve stable current fluctuations when the load changes with quick torque control and steady speed monitoring. Up to 30kW, all the GD inverters come standard with dynamic breaking resistors configurable to multiple breaking mode and instant stopping.

All GD series inverters come standard with input filters rated to a C3 classification which is suitable for industrial applications. External C2 filters can be easily fitted to provide a consumer level of power quality filtering. All filters meet the IEC61800-3 standards.

All INVT inverters can perform in both constant torque applications (conveyer belts, winches) or quadratic torque applications (pump load curve). The INVT inverters perform reliability in constant torque applications which proves their construction quality as this is much more demanding than quadratic loads. INVT inverters can be configured to display plain English on an LCD key pad making fault finding extremely easy and can display 10 lines of plain English text.

A major feature of the GD series INVT inverters is the support of a DC common bus. This greatly reduces power loss for multiple drive installations and provides additional benefits to the upstream AC system. The input voltage range is widened to allow for changing network conditions with a tolerance of 15% reducing the possibility of failure with a changing network supply.



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